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This site is dedicated to  all law enforcement officers, government, state, medical and all other civil service personnel that risk their lives to save the lives of others. You are all greatly appreciated and thought of often. My prayers are with you all.
On this site you will find out a little about my family, links to government , county, state and city agencies. There are graphic, patch, midi, font, and game sites on the links page below. There is also a Memorial Link to both LEO's and EMS Memorial Sites.

I also have cop's links and Fire Departments on the links page. If you would like to be added please send me your url and I will add it.
If you have any patch pictures you would like to share please also send them I would be happy to add them.

All graphics on my site are either original or I obtained them from the net. I have made the appropriate links to where I obtained them on the links page. If you use any of the graphics please be kind and add a link to my page.
Thank you for visiting. Please remember to sign my guest book.
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